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Between you and me: Conversations about relationships

30 May | Thursday 7-9PM

The longing for love within intimate relationships is universal to us all. Being connected in love to another is part of the joys of human experience and one that many of us naturally desire.

As we journey on this path to love, it leads us down exciting and hopeful paths and other times, winds down unclear and painful avenues. The ups and downs of this journey leave many of us feeling uncertain of how to navigate ourselves along the way. What is our longing for intimacy about and how do we remain conscious and true to ourselves as we seek love? How can we connect to our partners while remaining who we are and communicating our needs clearly? What are the patterns that keep us disconnected in love?

This interactive workshop opens up the conversations on these topics and guides you in your own reflection process so that you may come to understand your own patterns in seeking love.

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Meditation and emotional wisdom

28 February | Thursday 7-9PM

All too often, we see negative emotions as the enemy. The relationship we have with it therefore often involves avoidance, control, or struggle.

This workshop inspires a different relationship with our everyday emotions - to reconsider them as wonderful sources of wisdom that can help us to navigate challenging life decisions and guide us in life.

Meditation is a practice to welcome and experience emotion. This practice activates your brain’s defocusing network and hippocampus, which enable you to gain insight and break out of conditioned patterns of reactive behavior, such as throwing a tantrum when you’re thwarted.

Come for a meditation, tips and sharing on being calmer and more grounded in the midst of everyday modern life.