Mental health resources in Hong Kong

It’s easy to be confused with where to begin when looking for mental health resources. Here are some links to help you begin navigating the resources available in Hong Kong:

Finding a mental health professional

Psychology Matters Asia provides a listing of mental health professionals across Asia including counsellors, psychologists and psychiatrists. It also provides information on their area of focus so you can narrow down your search criteria easily.

The Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists have compiled a list of bilingual private psychiatrists that is kept up to date.

The US Consulate has a listing of mental health professionals as well as other medical professionals.

Community based organisations (These services are primarily provided in Chinese)

Christian Family

Baptist Oi Kwan Social Services provides an integrated mental health services for individuals and families including counselling, psychiatric rehabilitation, employment assistance as well as referral services.

Integrated Community Centres for Mental Wellness are located in 15 locations across Hong Kong. Each centre provides a spectrum of mental health services including drop-in services, counselling, occupational therapy, and referrals to psychiatric services in local hospitals. The Social Welfare Department has a breakdown of services as well as the locations of ICCMWs across Hong Kong.

The HK Government also has a compilation of mental health services including a 24 hour mental health information enquiry hotline.

Support and self-help groups

Alcoholics Anonymous host regular meetings in various locations across Hong Kong in English or Chinese. The website is updated regularly to reflect upcoming meetings.

OCD and Anxiety Support group hosts free monthly meetings to support those working through anxiety related issues.

Emergency & suicide prevention services

The Samaritans is a 24 hour hotline providing support for anyone in emotional distress or at risk of suicide. You can reach them by calling 2896 0000 or find out more on their website.

Suicide Prevention Services provides a 24 hour hotline service to anyone in emotional distress or at risk of suicide. Their number is 2382 0000. They also provide a suicide prevention services for the elderly and education programs for youths.

IAMAlive is an online crisis chat services that operates around the globe. For those who prefer to reach out to someone online in crisis, this can be a good alternative.

Online resources

Mind HK is was introduced in Hong Kong recently after after being a long standing mental health charity in the UK (mind UK). It focuses on creating awareness and understanding about mental health through educational information, events and training programs. It has some useful information about various mental health issues on their website.

7 Cups of Tea is an online platform for those looking to chat with someone and be listened to anonymously. Trained listeners can be contacted on the website for free. You may also find out more about how to be a trained listener.